The purpose of DBI is to equip followers of Jesus Christ with a general understanding of biblical theology and the ability to read, interpret and apply the Scriptures.

DBI includes six modules and one elective:

Module 1: Grasping God’s Word

Module 2: Knowing God

Module 3: Humanity, Sin & Angels        

Module 4: Christ & Salvation

Module 5: The Spiritual Life

Module 6: The Church & Coming Days

Elective: An Evangelistic Approach to Apologetics

Teachers include pastors, professors and missionaries from various churches. Most have a Masters degree and some have a Doctorate. Modules run between 10-14 weeks each and are held on Sunday evenings at Davisville Church in Southampton, PA. Classes run for two hours each evening and approximately four hours of outside work is expected for every two hours in class. The cost per module is $40 per student plus texts. Tuition can be paid on the first evening of class.