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What We Believe Continued

A. Concerning God’s Word, the Bible: We believe...

- that the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments were inspired (God-breathed) by God

- that God inspired every part of Scripture equally, down to the very words 

- that it was recorded by men as guided by the Holy Spirit and so was without error in the 
  original writings            

- that God has preserved His Word over the centuries so that what we have is reliable 
  and trustworthy 

- that it is the only infallible rule of faith and practice and is totally accurate in all matters which it addresses

B.  Concerning God:  We believe...

- that there is only one true God 

- that God eternally exists in three persons- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit 

- that these persons are equally God

- that these persons perform distinct but harmonious functions in the salvation of humanity

   1.  Concerning the Father: We believe...

      - that He is a person and He is fully God

      - that He sent His Son to provide salvation for humanity 

      - that He will accomplish His eternal purposes

      - that He is the Father of all believers 

      - that He preserves all believers by His power 

   2.  Concerning the Son, Jesus Christ: We believe...

      - that He is the one and only Son of God 

      - that He was born of the virgin Mary 

      - that He is perfect God and perfect man

      - that He died for our sins and rose again on the third day 

      - that He is now interceding for believers before the Father in heaven

      - that He will one day return for all Christians 

   3.  Concerning the Holy Spirit: We believe...

      - that He is a person and He is fully God

      - that at the moment of salvation He instantly:

          1. makes us spiritually alive (regenerates)

          2. places us into the body of Christ (baptizes)

          3. comes to live within us (indwells) 

          4. guarantees that we belong to God (seals)

          5. gives special ability to serve God (gifts)

     - that He enables the Christian to serve God and live a life which is pleasing to Him 

C.  Concerning Man:  We believe...

- that God created man perfect in His image, apart from any process of evolution that Adam, the first man, sinned voluntarily and by his action brought death into the world for all people that all people are born sinners and so commit acts of sin

- that all people are born spiritually dead and are completely unable to save themselves from their sin that all people are justly condemned to eternal punishment and separation from God because of their sin

D.  Concerning Salvation:  We believe...

- that salvation is totally by the grace of God through faith, not by human works of any kind

- that Jesus died in our place and paid for our sin by His death on the cross

- that to experience God’s gift of salvation, we must:

     1. acknowledge that we are guilty of sin 

     2. believe that Jesus died for our sins as our substitute and rose again

     3. trust Jesus alone as our Savior from sin 

- that those who have trusted Jesus as their Savior are permanently adopted into God’s family and so are secure forever as His children

E.  Concerning the Christian life: We believe...

- that at salvation we are set apart (sanctified) to God

- that as we grow as Christians, we will become more like Jesus and set apart from our old sinful habits

- that when we get to heaven we will be completely set apart from even the presence of sin 

F.  Concerning the Church: We believe...

- that all who have trusted Jesus as their Savior are members of God’s Church- Christ’s body

- that a local church is a group of Christians which meets together on a regular basis to fulfill God’s purposes of worship, evangelism, fellowship, instruction, and  service

- that the local church is to be led by shepherds (elders) under the authority of the Chief Shepherd, Jesus Christ 

- that the local church should observe the ordinances of baptism and communion

- that baptism is the immersion in water of a Christian as a public declaration of their faith and symbol of their union with Christ 

- that communion is a memorial of Jesus’ death to be observed until He returns 

 G.   Concerning the Lord’s return:  We believe...

- that Jesus could return at any time for His bride, the Church, before the tribulation  

- that Jesus will return physically to the earth to rule for a period of one thousand years 

- that the saved will live with God in heaven forever, while the unsaved will suffer punishment in hell forever